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An All-Inclusive Guide to Maximizing Your Visit to Leisure Lake, Durand MI

Nestled in the heart of Michigan, Leisure Lake in Durand offers an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with its serene waters and lush surroundings providing the perfect backdrop for an array of recreational activities.

Whether you’re an avid angler seeking the thrill of the catch, or a nature lover looking for tranquility, Leisure Lake has something for everyone.

Leisure Lake Durand MI

Location and Accessibility


Leisure Lake, nestled in Durand, Michigan, is more than just a body of water. With its tranquil setting and natural appeal, it’s emerged as a top destination for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Leisure Lake Durand MI, lies in the heart of Michigan, part of Shiawassee County. It’s a convenient spot for visitors, located just off the I-69, making it easily accessible by car. Moreover, Durand Union Station, an active Amtrak station, is approximately 2.2 miles away from the lake, offering another mode of transportation.

Major Attractions at Leisure Lake

Water Activities and Beach Areas

Leisure Lake, nestled in Durand, Michigan, offers a plethora of water activities that serve as major attractions for its visitors. One of the prime focal points is the lake’s well-maintained beach areas. These beaches, blessed with pristine sand, create a perfect backdrop for sunbathing and castle building. Young visitors, particularly, find these sandy stretches delightful.

Picnic Spots and Camping Facilities

Leisure Lake doesn’t shy away from offering ideal outdoor spaces for family picnics and camping enthusiasts. Scattered across the lakeshores are several picturesque picnic spots, each equipped with tables and dedicated barbeque areas. These spots provide the opportunity for visitors to indulge in their packed picnic hampers while enjoying the panoramic lake view.

Accommodations Near Leisure Lake

Given the array of attractions presented by Leisure Lake, visitors often choose to extend their stay. Accommodations available near the lake range from state-of-the-art hotels and motels to idyllic camping and RV options.

Hotels/Motels, Camping and RV Options

Visitors desiring comfort and modern amenities can find several hotels and motels within a moderate drive from Leisure Lake. Examples include Sheraton Hotels, Hampton Inn, and Holiday Inn. Sheraton Hotels boasts luxurious rooms, business centers, free WiFi, and an indoor pool. Adjacent to this, Hampton Inn offers guest rooms with free breakfast, workout facilities, a business center, and is pet-friendly.

For those seeking an authentic outdoor experience, several camping and RV options are available near Leisure Lake. For instance, Leisure Lake’s own camping site presents both tent and RV camping options. It’s equipped with electric hook-ups, water access, and restrooms.

Dining and Shopping Options

Expanding the adventure beyond Leisure Lake’s boundaries, Durand, Michigan, reveals a bustling scene of enticing dining options and shopping locales. To enhance the visitor’s experience, these establishments promise a delightful array of diverse cuisines and unique local products.

Local Restaurants and Eateries

In Durand, the dining scene thrives, brimming with local flavors and international fare alike. Notable examples include Riverside Market, offering gourmet sandwiches and hand-tossed pizzas, or Iron Horse Pub, famous for its hearty burgers and wide selection of local craft beers. For those who prefer vegetarian or vegan options, Durand’s Harvest Thyme Cafe prepares fresh salads, sandwiches, and wraps from locally sourced ingredients. After an adventurous day at Leisure Lake, retreating to these establishments offers a comforting and fulfilling culinary experience.

Shopping Near Leisure Lake

Durand’s shopping landscape complements its outdoor and dining offerings. Within driving distance from Leisure Lake, local shops like Poco Loco, a quaint boutique specializing in fashionable women’s apparel, or Durand Union Station Antiques, a treasure trove of vintage finds, offer unique shopping experiences. Those seeking conventional retail options aren’t left out, as Durand’s proximity to Lansing and Flint opens up opportunities for mall shopping at places like Lansing Mall and Genesee Valley Center.

An Unforgettable Experience

Leisure Lake Durand mi , Michigan, stands out as a unique blend of natural beauty and recreational activities. It’s a place where visitors can engage in exciting water sports, unwind on the beach, or enjoy a quiet picnic. The accommodations nearby cater to all needs, and the local dining scene adds to the overall appeal. The park’s rules and regulations ensure a safe, enjoyable experience for everyone.

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